Aquinas on Sin, Suffering, and Evil

We are pleased to share an audio recording of a lecture titled, “Aquinas on Sin, Suffering, and Evil,” delivered by our co-PI, Jennifer Frey, at the University of Maryland College Park, under the auspices of our institutional partner, The Thomistic Institute.  

In this lecture, Professor Frey outlines what Thomas Aquinas means by evil and sin, with particular focuses on the sources of sin, as well as addresses the question that lies at the heart of the problem of evil: How can a loving and omnipotent God permit sin, evil, and suffering in the world?

Elizabeth Anscombe on Living the Truth

We are pleased to share this video of a recent lectured delivered by our co-PI, Jennifer Frey, here at the University of Chicago under the auspices of our institutional partner, The Lumen Christi Institute.


Here is the abstract associated with Professor Frey’s talk:

Elizabeth Anscombe was one of the most formidable and influential analytic philosophers of the twentieth century.  One of the last lectures she delivered was titled, “Doing the Truth.”  In it, she sets out to identify and clarify a specifically practical mode of truth as the proper goal of a specifically practical mode of reasoning and knowledge.  This talk explores how Anscombe understands practical truth by relating it to her influential theory of action; its ultimate suggestion is that “living the truth” just is living a good human life–i.e., knowingly performing actions in accordance with true judgments of right practical reasoning. The person who achieves such truth is virtuous and lives well.