Group photo: “Virtue & Happiness” Summer Seminar

This week on the Virtue Blog, I’ll post photos from our first summer seminar, “Virtue & Happiness”.

I took our group photo on the grounds of Moreau Seminary, the location for our week-long series of seminars, discussions, great food, and walks around the lakes.

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~ Valerie Wallace, Associate Director, Communications

From left: Darcia Narvaez, Chip Lockwood, Kristina Grob, Anne Baril, Jason Welle, Indra Liauw, Fr. Michael Sherwin, Wenqing Zhao, Santiago Mejia, Olivia Bailey, Ryan Darr, Gus Skorburg, Leland Saunders, Mihailis Diamantis, Sukaina Hirji, Jennifer A. Frey, Hollen Reisher, Candace Vogler, Owen Flanagan, Yuan Yuan, Amichai Amit, Brian Ballard, Parisa Moosavi, Sungwoo Um, Anselm Mueller, John Meinert, Samuel Baker, Tom Angier, Kate Phillips, Jaime Hovey, Matthew Dugandzic. Photo by Valerie Wallace.

Interview with Summer Session Participant Indrawati Liauw


This post is part of a series of interviews with our incoming class for the “Virtue & Happiness” 2016 Summer Seminar. Indrawati Liauw a thirdyear doctoral student at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, with a specialization in Developmental and Psychological Studies.

Valerie Wallace: Where are you from?

Indrawati Liauw: I was born in Indonesia, raised in Singapore, and have been in the United States for my post-graduate education since 2011 – first at the University of Rhode Island and now at Stanford University.

VW: Tell me about your research.

IL: My research interests are in moral development and moral education. I am particularly interested in compassion and aim for my research to find answers to the question – “what are good ways to help children and youth cultivate compassion?” I am currently a graduate research assistant in the Stanford Center on Adolescence. Some of the research projects that I worked on examined youth civic engagement and youth entrepreneurship. Currently I am studying the development of gratitude in middle school students. I am also interested in the development of moral character in both religious and non-religious settings.

My interest in compassion lies in my belief that it is a character strength that can be fostered and developed over time. I believe that education of the heart and mind are equally important for personal and interpersonal well-being. After all, humans are social beings!


VW: What are you most looking forward to about this summer’s Virtue & Happiness seminar?

IL: I have always been interested in moral philosophy but haven’t had the opportunity to learn more. Thus, I am really looking forward to delving into this domain during the summer institute. I am also very keen to interdisciplinary research collaborations with fellow participants.


VW: What are your non-academic interests?

IL: For fun, I like to travel, cook and spend time with my family and friends. I go home to Singapore for a few weeks every summer, which I really love – it is always nice to not work for a bit, and just relax!