Thank you, Santiago

Our graduate assistant Santiago Mejia is moving to Los Angeles for a teaching post-doc at Occidental College. He successfully defended his dissertation last week and we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate him a little.

Thank you, Santiago!

WGM June 2016_20160609_2742.JPG
Santiago with David Carr at our June 2016 Working Group Meeting.
WGM June 2016_20160606_3140
Santiago helping with the Q &A at our public lecture “Being Wise and Being Good” in June 2016 (with Fr. Thomas Joseph White, Jean Porter, and Nancy Snow).
Santiago as a participant in “Virtue & Happiness”, our 2016 Summer Seminar (with John Meinert, Sungwoo Um, Amichai Amit, and Parisa Moosavi).
Santiago with Darcia Narvaez at “Virtue & Happiness”, our 2016 Summer Seminar.
WGM June 2016_20160606_2979
Santiago (with Christian Kronsted) helping at the June 2016 Working Group Meeting.